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Restoring Classic Cars for More Than 35 Years

Mid West Classics & Customs Has a Rich History of Serving Classic Cars

Learn about Mid West Classics & Customs in Ottawa, OH, and nationwide. Here at Mid West Classics & Customs, our goal is providing our customers with the highest quality budget-friendly restorations available. Registered as a business in 2005, M.W.C.C. is actually a company over 35 years in the making. As a young boy, I always loved being around older cars. I used to visit salvage yards in my home state of New Jersey to look at what was there. I would also reminisce with that unique “old car” smell. It probably stems from my younger years growing up on a small farm with several 40s and 50s cars. I vividly remember sitting behind the wheel as a very young boy pretending I was driving those cars. That smell has never left me.
I began tinkering with cars as a teenager in the early 1980s. My mother became the first recipient of my skills, both good and bad. Although I graduated from a technical high school as an apprentice Tool & Die maker, my love for cars remained. I would work on anything I could get my hands on whenever I had the chance to hone my skills. I moved to Ohio with my wife in 2001. Still working as a Toolmaker, my desire to have my own shop grew stronger every day. My first full-out restoration was completed in 1994, and since that time, I’ve always wanted to do more. I have owned more than 150 cars over the years that were the recipient of different restorations and repairs.
In May of 2005, I was laid off from my Toolmakers job, never to be called back. It was a blessing in disguise. That day I realized that it was time. I never wanted to put my fate in someone else’s hands again. So, M.W.C.C. was started, and I have never looked back. The biggest problem that I see with restorations today is not enough good shops turning out high quality work. The growth of this industry has resulted in many shops “slapping together” rusty cars just to make a buck.
Here at M.W.C.C., that is and never will be our policy. Our goal is to provide customers with the “Car of their dreams” built with the pride of a toolmaker’s hands. We will never sacrifice quality for a stronger bottom line. We offer many levels of restorations, from basic body and paint work to custom fabricated Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. Mid West Classics & Customs also offers full-on concourse-quality, show-winning beauties. We also offer complete transport services, so your baby is in good hands from pick-up to delivery. Whatever you’re looking for, we will always try our best to accommodate your wishes. Our shop continues to grow and as business dictates. We will become more involved in all areas of this growing industry. I would like to personally thank you for your interest and look forward to building your “Dream Car.”
Thank You
Nick Iannotta – President of Mid West Classics & Customs
Learn about Mid West Classics & Customs in Ottawa, OH by calling (419) 523-6900 or contact us online. Our technicians know classic cars and strive to provide quality customer service daily. Visit our shop today to learn about service for Ottawa, OH, and nationwide at Mid West Classics & Customs.